my name is kay or kayla
i'm 20
i use she/they pronouns
i'm currently asexual and unlabeled/pan


i main bootwtdteam fans/stans dniranboo, quackity and aimsey are my 3 comfort streamersmy fave duos are: glowduo, bonesduo, pocketduo (sneeg and ranboo) and
peerpressureduo (techno and ranboo)
i'm ok with d!e jokes and all that

things about me

i'm very socially awkward and I have social anxiety so please be patient with me as I am trying to work on it at my own pacei'm very sarcastic at times I will use tone indicators when i am being sarcastic (i'll use tone indicators for other things too)i struggle with texting people first but I can text back though I also struggle with starting and continuing conversationsmy spelling is not the best so if i spell somthing wrong just tell me politely and I'll fix iti also do swear sometimesi have a dog named karma, cat named nova and a fish named Gregoryi go to college for theater stuffi want to start streaming, I haven't started yet due to complications


spelling I've already explained that my spelling is not the best don't hate on me for it just tell me politely and I can fix itdrama: i don't want to be involved in drama as it makes me very anxious and overwhelmedthats all i think i'll update if needed I'll also update this when I eventually start streaming


that's it, if i should add anything else please let me know apart from that have a pic of my fave electric boy from mha and have a good day


these buttons go to my Twitter, Spotify, my pronouns page, instagram and tumblr(btw my instagram is a private account so let me know that you followed me so I can accept it)